Arjan’s Haze #1

1 May 21, 2016

Green House Seed Company caters to the haze fan with several strains in this family. Arjan’s Haze #1 is a strong sativa with medium-size interno...


Durga Mata

0 April 18, 2016

Named for the powerful and revered Hindu Mother Goddess, Durga Mata represents the purity and strength of purpose residing within the divine essence o...


Arjan’s Haze #3

0 May 30, 2012

rjan’s Haze #3 brings together a father from Laos with a combination of Neville’s Haze and Super Silver Haze. Green House Seed Company rec...



0 May 29, 2012

KC-36 is a mostly indica strain that is a great choice for outdoor growers in temperate regions. This strain was bred specifically to thrive at high l...


White Russian

0 May 24, 2012

Also known as Peacemaker, the White Shark produces heavy colas with a resin coverage that rivals White Widow. A mostly indica plant, the budy buzz is ...


Alaskan Ice

0 May 19, 2012

The name “Alaskan Ice” brings to mind a crispy purity of an unblemished winter landscape. This variety’s parentage combines the fros...


Mako Haze

0 May 14, 2012

If you’re among the tokers out there who are crazy about the uplifting high of a good haze, you’ll want to get your hands on some Mako Haz...


Fruit Of The Gods

0 May 13, 2012

Many cannabis fans may feel that marijuana is ambrosia for the mind and soul, a gift from above for weary mortals. The type of weed that creates such ...


Carnival Marijuana

0 May 12, 2012

The carnival has arrived and it is in your head! This highly sociable party pot comes from a Central American / California haze hybrid and a father of...

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