Fruit Of The Gods

Fruit Of The Gods

Many cannabis fans may feel that marijuana is ambrosia for the mind and soul, a gift from above for weary mortals. The type of weed that creates such gratitude and adulation is certainly a part of Delta-9’s breeding goals. Their strain Fruit of the Gods is sativa-dominant hybrid with a narrow profile and a satisfyig yield. This variety’s effect can be summed up in a word – uplifting! The nickname “FOG” also evolved from the thick white fog of sweet exhale after a big bong hit of this bud.

When grown indoors in a controllable flowering environment, Fruit of the Gods takes 9.5 to 11 weeks to finish, depending on whether she is grown in soil or using hydro methods. This variety can also be grown outdoors in many regions. Warmer outdoor climates will result in yields that are 25-50% higher than indoor or temperate grows. Delta-9 uses neem oil for pest control with this strain, although FOG is naturally quite bug-resistant, and resilient under many growing conditions.

Fruit Of The Gods

When Delta-9 grows out their strains, they use soil exclusively, with organic nutrients. However, FOG will do well in any indoor system, and may even be more prodigious and ripen in slightly less time with a hydroponic setup. While her height will depend on the length of the vegetative period, FOG is a moderate grower. She starts stretching out a bit in the first two weeks of flowering, and doubles in height by week three. These plants create many long side branches that hug the main stem. Her leaves are short and wide, like the leaves on her Skunk #1 poppa. They are narrower than a typical sativa leaf, so the end result is a broad elongated leaf blade. Overall, FOG looks like a small bushy plant with many branches close to the mainstem. Even when kept short and grown in small spaces, Fruit of the Gods produces well: in an average-sized room with proper ventilation and lighting, FOG will give you a minimum of 30-50 grams per 3 foot plant.

The “fruits” of this strain are light and airy as they fill in during the first 5 to 8 weeks. Then in the last 3 weeks they harden. Their calyxes swell up and become tight, creating small but very dense buds. FOG tastes sweet, with a hazy, floral perfume that lingers throughout the room in the thick white cloud of its exhale. The FOG high is clear-headed and uplifting. As such it is very functional and easy to maintain even during a period of work or socializing. As soon as the buzz reaches your head, it creates a momentum to get things done, and motivate with friends or focus on a project.

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