Carnival Marijuana

Carnival Marijuana

The carnival has arrived and it is in your head! This highly sociable party pot comes from a Central American / California haze hybrid and a father of unknown sativa-dominant origins rumored to mix Santa Maria, haze, and Mexican genetics. Haze fans will immediately notice the subte presence of the telltale hybrid’s flavor in this strain.

Carnival is no Christmas tree, and she does not stretch like many of her haze-mdominant cousins. Rather than bushing out, this plant extends growth upward. Branching is only moderate and of an average length, making her a natural volunteer for sea of green methods. If Carnival is grown as a multi-branch plant, Ministry recommends topping the plants for optimal yields. This plant cooperates in hydro and soil media, and shows good resistance to both molds and parasites. The flowering time is 9 weeks or the beginning of October if started outside in the second half of July. Carnival prefers slightly warm rooms over cold, and when grown outdoors, she does better in climates that stay warmer or don’t dip too far into the cold range.

Carnival buds are compact and glossy with a white sheen masking a pale and tropical gren interior. The leaves are moderately thick and range from light to dark green. Carnival’s smell stays light and fresh, so the grow room is never too dank. Although this plant is not too difficult to grow, it is not ideal for the beginner and benefits from a more experienced hand. At finish, this plant averages a height of about 5 feet (150 cm). In hydro systems, a gram per watt is possible.

True to her name, Carnival is vibrant with flavor elements that are fresh and enticing, ranging from a sugary dry grape to aloe, lemon, and haze. One whiff, and many connosseurs will eagerly line up with tickets for the promise of a euphoric ride. Carnival enters the senses quickly and creates a lucid and humorous merrymaking mood, although it may make an already anxious person hyperactive. Carnivals are events designed to release pent up energies, celebrate life, and forget about the workday world for a while. Soak up the vividness that this strain adds to everyday surroundings.

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