Alaskan Ice

Alaskan Ice

The name “Alaskan Ice” brings to mind a crispy purity of an unblemished winter landscape. This variety’s parentage combines the frosty White Widow mother with the equatorial sativa qualities of the haze father. White Widow has gained its infamous reputation as a compact plant that delivers impressive resin and a memorably warm and balanced high, while the American West Coast Haze, a lanky cross of Mexican, Thai, and Columbian, has become a highly desireable plant due to its signature flavorfuness and its enjoyeable head effects. Fans of White Widow and Haze will be pleased with this satisfying marriage of their flavor and qualitites.

Alaskan Ice blends its parental qualities to deliver a balanced mix of sativa and indica. This variety creeps up gently like a glacier and delivers an alert, euphoric mental feeling that balances relaxation and energy, resonating throughout the body. Gardeners will find this plant is good for indoor or outdoor environments. Indoors, it is better suited to a screen of green rather than a sea of green setup since the haze parentage comes through, encouraging a branchy plant that grows quickly during vegetation and requires some management to keep the branches orderly and focused on flower power. This plant prefers a strong EC, up to 2.0, and will grow to be about 5 feet (150cm) indoors. It can reach heights of 9-10 feet (300 cm) when grown outdoors under natural light. The 9-week flowering phase makes this plant suitable to outdoor grows only in regions where a long season of temperature daylight is a reasonable expectation – at least until late October in the western hemisphere. Mature plants will have a frost of Alaskan ice coating the branches in a resinous tundra-like sparkle.

This variety has a very spicy aroma, leading with black pepper and cedar flavors, and followed by an aftertaste of intense and forest moss. On first puff, it can be slightly acrid, but soon mellows into a fresh herbal sandalwood flavor that is pleasant ot the palate. This is a variety to share at parties and on joyous occasions. It is not well suited for a daytime or solitary smoke, or for intense focus and in-the-zone productivity. As medicine, Alaskan Ice has been promising for treating pain, glaucoma, and depression, and stimulating appetite.

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