Mako Haze

Mako Haze

If you’re among the tokers out there who are crazy about the uplifting high of a good haze, you’ll want to get your hands on some Mako Haze. this Kiwiseeds creation has become a staple in Amsterdam coffeeshops, where she has received a welcome reception.

The name comes from the Mako shark, an extremely powerful and beautiful creature that frequents the southern latitudes. As one of the fastest fish in the ocean, this ferocious shark can attain swimming speeds of up to 35 kmph and can leap clear of the water to heights of up to 6 meters. Kiwiseeds named their new strain Mako Haze because of her speed and stregth and her ability to literally stun her users.

There’s only a touch of indica in Mako Haze’s breeding. As such, she exhibits strong sativa growth habits: elongated branches and dense clusters of flowers that are sticky with resin. This plant grows best in large pots with plenty of room to stretch out. The breeders recommend 9 plants per square meter as the perfect configuration. Any greater density, and the growing area can become a jungle.

Mako Haze

Plants can be “tipped” during the growing stage for best results. Kiwiseeds gardeners usually tip pots to an angle twice during the growing cycle: once early in the growing stage (3rd or 4th set of leaves) then again one week into flowering. This encourages the plant to form an even set of 6 buds instead of one main cola.

Sativas require more patient gardeners. This variety requires 10-13 weeks to reach peak ripeness, but huge yields of quality smoking material can be expected. When dry, the THC crystals are so thick they almost look matted together.

In 2005, Kiwiseeds had the Mako Haze analyzed by experts for THC content. The result of 19.7% staggered even her breeders. her smoke is lovely and smooth, with aheavy hazy taste, and her high is up, up, up! Haze strains like the Mako are good treatments for lethargy and depression. Mako Haze will have a therapeutic effect on the mental state of anyone who appreciates a quality high.

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