How To Make Marijuana Coffee

How To Make Marijuana Coffee

How To Make Marijuana Coffee is a question that many people who smoke or grow marijuana often ask. Learning how to make marijuana coffee is very simple and requires very few ingredients. Learning how to make marijuana coffee is pretty much exactly the same as making marijuana tea.

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1/2 gram (or more) of your favorite indicasativa or any combination of both marijuana.

3 Cups of Water

2 Tablespoons of butter

1 Instant coffee pack or blend of your preference

How to make marijuana coffee directions:

1. First you will need to get around 1/2 gram of your favorite marijuana and grind it up as fine as you can.

(Some that i recommend are Barneys Farm G13 HazeGreen House Seeds Cheese, or LA Confidential)

2. Get small pot and put 3 cups of water in.

3. Turn the stove onto the highest setting possible and bring the water to a boil.

4. Add the 2 tablespoons of butter.

5. Add the 1/2 gram of ground up marijuana.

6. While leaving the stove on the highest heat setting and having the water violently boiling, stir every few minutes making sure that any of the marijuana on the side of the put is pushed back into the water.

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*Note: The point of making Marijuana coffee is to extract the THC from the plant. Since THC is not soluble in water alone it requires a fatty substance to cling onto under high heat. With the combination of the high heat from the boiling water then the butter that was added to the mixture the THC can be removed from the marijuana for drinking purposes.

7. All for the marijuana, water and butter to boil on high heat for at LEAST 30 minutes. The longer you are willing to wait the more THC that will be extracted. From my experience 30-40 minutes is usually an ideal time.

*Note: While the water is boiling on high heat, the water will begin to evaporate fairly quickly. Do NOT turn it on and walk away for a half an hour or the water may be gone when you return. Watch and stir every few minutes and as extra water as needed to maintain that the water level is the same as when you started.

8. After at least 30 minutes, you can run the water through a strainer into a cup large enough to hold all the liquid. Now that the THC is removed from the marijuana and now clinging to the butter you no longer need the green.

9. The marijuana water will be VERY hot so be VERY careful and let it cool for 5 minutes.

10. Add the instant pack or bag of coffee of your choice into the hot water.

11. Enjoy! As with most things consumed orally it will take 45-60 minutes for the coffee to take its full effect.

*Note: Be prepared to get very stoned. Even with only a 1/2 gram this recipe is much stronger then it seems. Many people have felt the effects for up to 12 hours from consuming the coffee!

12. After you have made and consumed the marijuana coffee, leave a comment below telling us how the process went for you and how the effects were!

Hope this helps! Enjoy!  Tell me how this worked out for you in a comment below!

Download Our Free Marijuana Cookbook Here

Marijuana and coffee are proven to be good for the brain! Now that you know how to make marijuana coffee you are doing your brain a favor. Check out this interesting video i found on YouTube about the benefits of each!

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