In Jamaican popular music, Dancehall style tunes are the music of celebration. This upbeat variant from Reggae Seeds is a perfect complement to its musical namesake, with a lively and lighthearted social effect that enhances life’s rhytms.

Dancehall’s mother is a hybrid of Mexican, Afghan, and Spanish origins called called Juanita La Lagrimosa. The father is a strain named Kalijah, a combination of Blue Heaven and Mexican-Afghani genetics. Together in the Dancehall strain, these genetics result in a hardy plant with uniquely nuanced flavors that are enhanced by using organic methods in soil.

Dancehall’s pace of growth begins moderately, but it picks up a faster beat once flower forcing is initiaded. It is better to keep the vegetative time short to avoid space issues later, especially if the garden is in a sea of green style. The Dancehall plant only branches minimally, but likes to grow longer branches low on the plant. Indoors, it takes 8 to 9 weeks to finish.

Outdoors, Dancehall is well adapted to Spain’s climate and will thrive in dry regions. When planted in April or May, this plant finishes in about 150 days and is ready to harvest in September or October, depending on conditions. The final height can range from 5-8 feet. Proper care will lead to satisfying outdoor yields ranging from 400g to a kilogram (roughly 1-2 pounds) per plant. Water is key for this variety. Dancehall needs low humidity and moist soil at all times to thrive. In areas with higher humidity, the compact, elongated buds are susceptible to botrytis (gray fungus). While this plant is sensitive about watering, it is not an otherwise delicate plant and will grow in cold or hot conditions.

As Dancehall reaches maturity, the leaves and buds add reds, blues, and purples to the green, and all is kissed with white sticky resin. Growers who like the vibrant tones of chromatic buds will enjoy Dancehall’s final appearance. Buds may show reflowering toward the end.

Dancehall is a pleasure for all the senses. While not particularly aromatic during growth, once its long, compact buds are cracked open, the complex odors of forest and spicy incense mix with a touch of acidic fruit and haze to tantalize the palate. The flavor mixes fruits with a green mossy flavor and a touch of haze, and lingers on the tongue in a satisfying way. Dancehall is a party weed that pairs well with a long night of dancing to Jamaican grooves. It has a progressive enduring effect that inspires an alert, creative, and sociable mood. In its first appearance at a cannabis cup event, Dancehall won first place in the 2010 Spannabis indoor bio category.

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