Barneys Farm Red Diesel

Barneys Farm Red Diesel

Barneys Farm Red Diesel Feminized  is another superb cannabis hybrid from Barney’s Farm feminized seed collection. She combines the best growing and high qualities of her famous parents: a Californian Indica and a New York City Diesel.  Red Diesel was bred to increase the weight and potency of New York City Diesel whilst maintaining its distinctive popular taste. She has a very interesting look, her rich flower formations end with well developed tops turning red while maturing. She possesses a very pleasant zesty fruit smell and taste and has a peppery flavor when smoked.

Vegetation of this cannabis variety doesn’t require any special skills. Her feminized cannabis seeds arrive and bud almost instantly. They produce healthy seedlings which can be put under 12/12 cycle straight away. Her plants perform well indoors and outdoors with a good yield. As a rule, they grow to medium height with strong side branches of resin filled colas that need room to grow. Like any sativa dominant girl, Red Diesel likes to be nurtured, the more she is loved, the better results she’ll show. Outside harvest starts at mid October; she produces more bud sites than her indica counterpartner, they might not look that dense but produce good quality marijuana with 19% THC. Flowering takes just 9 weeks, which is excellent for sativas. Some cannabis growers leave her for another week or two to get the most of it. Red Diesel buds use these additional weeks to fill up and fully ripe up.

Typically for mostly sativa marijuana, Red Diesel contains more THC than CBD and produces a very powerful, clear headed effect and energizing effect. She makes a good party treat.

Barneys Farm Red Diesel


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