Barneys Farm Honey B

Barneys Farm Honey B

Barneys Farm Honey B Feminized is a superb sativa dominated hybrid from the Barney’s Farm seed collection. She has a long flowering time that allows the buds to fill out and fully mature. Honey B has a pronounced fruity flavour and can be an enormous yielder outdoors. The high of this sativa is intense, racy, clear and the genetics is a closely guarded secret.

It’s not difficult for experienced cannabis growers to notice some Haze influence. Like any other Haze crossed hybrids, Honey B needs longer to mature which obviously effects her yields and the high of her marijuana. Usually, plants are ready to harvest after 11 flowering weeks, though some gardeners prefer to give her another week or so to get the most of it. Feminizedcannabis seeds of this variety have a very good rate of germination; they respond well to all growing methods and produce typical sativa looking plants with a dark green foliage and well developed heavy colas supported by a sturdy elegant stem. You can grow these plants indoors and outdoors. The maximum high if growing indoors is 120-150 cm what is quite manageable and make Honey B suitable for small cannabis gardens. When growing outdoors, her sativa genes may play up and shoot the plant as high as 2-3 m. Outdoor harvest starts at the end of October.

Honey B plants have short internode gaps explode into dense, rounded bud-clusters which merge into huge, heavy colas by harvest time with a sweet pungent skunk smell and taste with a stunning combination of stone and high! There are several different types of buds that can appear on this marijuana variety, ranging from red, hairy buds with small leaflets to large leaflets with copious resin glands. Despite of her long maturing, private marijuana consumers prefer to wait so they can enjoy her extreme and almost psychedelic effects. Her fragrance is complex and deep with a sweet fruity perfume aroma.

Barneys Farm Honey B


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