Niagara x Shiva

Niagara x Shiva

Niagara x Shiva was developed as a cross in order to capture the happy, silly effect of Sensi’s Shiva in combination with Niagara’s devastating potency. The resulting plant is a half and half indica / sativa mix that offers a more irreverent happy buzz and lighter taste than the Niagara while still proving easy to grow in the great outdoors of northern climates.

An average-sized plant, Niagara x Shiva will range between 4-6 feet (120-180 cm) outside and will stay around 2 feet (60 cm) in an indoor grow. This is a wonderfully versatile hybrid that will thrive by any method as long as the generally recommended conditions are met. As it matures, Niagara x Shiva often gets purple pistils but keeps the leaf count to a minimum, maintaining the easy manicuring trait of its Niagara parent.

Not as sweet as its Amsterdam sweet Shiva parent, this variety has a well-rounded, down-home earthy flavor with a hint of the woods. The buzz is a special mixture of high, with potent and mood shifting effects, offering a euphoric giggly sensation that is great for summer days, music festivals or a comedy movie marathon.

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