Caramella is a stable, mostly indica hybrid with long colas and fresh caramel scent that accounts for her storybook name. Bred for the last 15 years with much success, she was selectively backcrossed for taste and a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Caramella is a stable strain that ives homogenous results.

Fresh, deep green leaves turn dark in color as she matures, making Caramella the picture perfect plant. The stems on this plant are thick and strong, easily supporting the big fat tops. You can also count on lots of dewy crystal formation scattered like ferie dust along the leaves and buds.

Caramella offers an uplifting and social high, great for a night out with friends. It smells like sweet caramel candy, which also comes through in the flavor. The smooth sweet taste may surprise you – for best results on optimizing the flavor, choose fertilizers carefully and use them modestly. Overfertilization encroaches on the flavor and the smoke is harsher on the lungs.

Caramella is robust and easy to grow, performing equalli well in a hydro or soil system. This strain has the promising yield potential of a solid indica. Homegrown Fantaseeds advises 20 plants per square meter when using a sea of green method.

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