NEW THC-Infused Gum Provides Alternate Pain Control Option

NEW THC-Infused Gum Provides Alternate Pain Control Option

When it comes to any form of cannabis use, the method makes a difference. AXIM Biotech have announced they are working with a US-based drug company to develop cannabis chewing gum for chemotherapy and AIDS patients.

Weed gum? While it sounds like the best edible ever, this product is for medical patients. AXIM Biotech will infuse the chewing gum with dronabinol, a synthetic THC medicine used to treat chemotherapy side effects, sold under the name Marinol.

The downside to Marinol is that most of the medicine can’t make it into the body in its active form.

In its current form, Marinol is delivered through a gel capsule where 90% of the dronabinol is metabolized into 11-OH-THC due to the first-pass (liver) metabolism.

This causes significant side effects for patients including impaired thinking and reactions. AXIM’s patented control-release chewing gum bypasses the first pass metabolism in the liver and results in decreased side effects for patients. – AXIM Biotech announcement, 27 March, 2017.

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What this means for patients – Patients will be able to take smaller, more effective doses for medical relief, with less mental state altering side effects. All the relief, less high.

For some medical patients, especially those undergoing chemotherapy or AIDS treatment, the level of cannabinoids needed to provide relief is enough to put even a seasoned cannabis consumer in a compromised state.

So although cannabis acts as a potent medicine, the “high” can make it hard to function throughout the day.

George E. Anastassov, MD, DDS, MBA and Chief Executive Officer of AXIM Biotech, stated:

This is a substantial step forward to improving the current product offerings on the market for patients who are suffering these types of symptoms.

Currently, there is a 45% drop out rate of patients who take Marinol, we are hopeful that our innovative chewing gum delivery method will lead to decreased side effects and allow for a better quality of life for these patients.

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