9 Reasons You Should Consume Marijuana Daily

9 Reasons You Should Consume Marijuana Daily

There are hundreds of reasons why you could chose to consume marijuana on a daily basis. Here is just a list that many consumers to be the top 9 reasons.

1. Promotes creativity – marijuana can really get your mind thinking on a deeper level than usual.

2. Puts things in perspective – marijuana often times helps you to think about things a little differently.

3. Makes sex better –  since marijuana can increase your senses, your sex life will go to a higher level.

4. It smells great – who doesn’t love the smell of some fresh, high-quality marijuana?

5. Everything tastes better – marijuana can make your metabolism operate more efficiently which can sometimes lead to eating more. Marijuana can also increase your sense of taste literally making food taste better.

6. It’s natural – Make sure you get the organic stuff whenever possible of course.

7. Treats MANY ailments from depression to tumors – If you are a human being (which you probably are if you are reading this) you will have health issues at one point or another in your life. Marijuana can help with hundreds of different medical issues from simple things like taking away a headache to more serious things like killing and eliminating tumors. This reason alone is why I consume daily, the rest are all great bonuses.

8. Makes for a great night’s sleep – Did you know the average human spends 25 years of their life sleeping? If you are going to sleep that much might as well make it count. Marijuana has been proven to help users get deeper, more quality sleep.

9. Makes you feel great –  I think this one goes without saying…right?

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