When Buddha and Godbud mix it up with the Cheese, it seems only fitting that their progeny would be none other than Cheesus. This strain was developed by young bloods in the Amsterdam breeding scene. The Big Buddha Cheese female is crosse to a male Godbud from British Columbia, courtesy of the BC Bud Depot. In order to feminize the strain, the resulting hybrid was crossed with a reversed Cheesus father to render all seeds feminine.

Cheesus brings indica and sativa together in a hybrid that blends their qualities peacefully. She grows in a slender indica profile and quickly forms a structure that is solid enough to support fat colas. The leaves are a deep healthy green with a chunky indica shape. Cheesus plants do well in a sea of green ot in systems that maintain multiple branches. Any growing medium is agreeable, and moderate to heavy feeding is recommended. From the thick green of this plant emerge conical buds that are dense, bringing good yields to those who are attentive, loving, and persistent. Growing Cheesus requires patience, with a lengthy flowering time of 9-12 weeks, but the results may turn you into a believer. Actually, Cheesus serves either the expert or the beginning gardener well, from any creed to none, breeding enjoyment and respect for the plant.

Few growers have the luxury to garden Cheesus outdoors, but those who do can expect to harvest around the end of October. Maximum outdoor sizes average 6-7 feet (2 meters) and deliver per-plant yields of up to 1000 grams for those who wait out the long season.

The Cheesus makes elevating head stash. It is good for everyday use, bringing on a positive and meditative enjoyment. It may encourage a talkative mood, and is not desirable for highly focused work. The flavors are deep and dank – imagine a sweet earthy incense infused with lavender and an edge of tart honey fruitiness and a little pine and spice. Cheesus has many disciples but makes no exclusive claims on your devotions. She doesn’t have to – the connoisseur experience speaks for itself.

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