A-Train Marijuana

The A-Train is about to take you on a journey from the rolling hills of Northern California through the Mazar-i-Sharif mountains of Afghanistan, finally arriving in the Low Countries of Europe. This California-Afghani F1 hybrid was bred in Holland for indoor grows. A-Train’s father comes from Afghanistan’s harsh heartland, while her California mom is Trainwreck, a clone-only variety from the West Coast medical marijuana community renowned for an excellent high and refreshing flavor.

A-Train performs best as a multi-branch plant. She is a space hog, with extensive lower branching and a tendency to sprawl and lean. Supports or netting are recommended for those who want their girls to be orderly. If allowed to grow without control, her branches will probably still need rearranging in order to maximize light for the buds. No matter how she is trained, it is advisable to trim off the lower branches, reserving energy for bud formations on her upper levels.

Gardeners who prioritize yield should consider hydroponics for this strain, while those in search of primo flavors do better with soil. Either way, A-Train loves organic foods. When growing hydroponically, TH Seeds prefers Botanicare Pure Blend Pro and Liquid Karma to pump up the enzymes. During peak flowering times, they use Bud Swell. A-Train will become finicky and troublesome if exposed to too much humidity. Otherwise, she is a clean, dry, and relatively non-smelly plant.

This strain finishes in 7.5 to 8.5 weeks. She more than quadruples in height during that time, starting when she is forced – beginning the flowering cycle at one foot (30cm) will result in plants that are 4.5 to 5 feet (1.3 to 1.5 m) at finish. As she grows, this lanky brancher takes on a guazy green coloration, and tends to form many planter puds. If she is pruned to a single-cola plant, A-Train will produce 25-35 grams (approx 1 oz) per plant. When grown in 1-gallon containers in soil, she yields 35-55 grams per plant, and 5-gallon potted plants can deliver between 50 and 90 grams (2-3 oz) apiece.

The harvested buds are round and compact, resembling clusters of green walnuts coated with a silver shellac of resin. On the menthol-lemon inhale, A-Train brings you a satisfying, well balanced mind and body lift, a clear and productive high. On the exhale of lip-numbing sweetness with bits of Afghan hashiness, A-Train brings you home; you can drop your baggage for the day. This strain’s creeper high will gradually slow you down a notch or two, but it won’t stun you into a stupor. It’s a combination of two strains used widely by the medical marijuana community for alleviating mind and body discomfort.




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