510 Pound Marijuana Bust in North Carolina Mansion

510 Pound Marijuana Bust in North Carolina Mansion

Two men have been arrested for turning a North Carolina country club mansion into a massive marijuana farm.

Hong and Haih Nguyen rented a large Sapona Ridge Country Club home in the small town of Lexington where WFMY reported they operated seven grow rooms containing more than 500 pounds of pot when cops stormed in Monday evening.


A police spokesman estimated the street value of the pot at $828,000.

Cops were tipped about the marijuana mansion after the ganja growing duo blew an electric transmitter in the neighborhood due to the immense amount of power they were illegally using.

The Nguyens were jacking about 10 times the amount of electricity a home that size should use, a police spokesman told local media.

Charges and bond information for the pot growers was not immediately released.

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