Hillary Clinton Calls For Federal Reclassification of Cannabis

Hillary Clinton Calls For Federal Reclassification of Cannabis

Hillary Clinton, 68, has been carefully stepping around the subject of cannabis, presumably for fear of getting on the wrong side of supporters. However, she has now taken a clear position on the issue, and her response may surprise you.

Hillary held a town hall meeting in South Carolina and finally gave an answer to the question everyone has been asking: how does she feel about legalizing marijuana? Unlike her competitor Bernie Sanders, 74, she seems cautiously supportive of the medical side of legalization, at most.

In the meeting, she says that her goal for marijuana right now would be to change it from a Schedule I classification (drugs that are considered to have no medical benefit and cannot be tested) to Schedule II (drugs like painkillers that are heavily researched for their medicinal properties). “I would like to move it from what’s called Schedule I to Schedule II so that researchers can start researching whats the best way to use it, how much dose does somebody need, and how does it interact with other medications,” said the presidential hopeful on Nov. 7.

Until that research is done, Hillary isn’t quite sold, saying “the problem with medical marijuana is that there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence about how well it works for certain conditions, but we haven’t done any research.” However, Hillary does see the states that have legalized weed for both medical and recreational properties as a chance to test it out on a small scale before considering a national law. “I want to see how it works before we do a national plan from the federal government, because I think there’s a lot for us to learn.”

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