Barneys Farm Laughing Buddha

Barneys Farm Laughing Buddha

Barneys Farm Laughing Buddha Feminized were developed by the Barney’s Farm’s seed breeders by crossing Thai and Jamaican marijuana genotypes. This new strain is mostly sativa, with very fruity, exotic flavours and an intense sativa high. In 2003, she won the Cannabis High Cup and became an undoubed favourite in marijuana smoking society.

Feminized cannabis seeds of Laughing Buddha are stable and show consistent results with at least 80% germination. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, show typical sativa growing characteristics and develop tall straight plants with a rich branching system and plenty of bud sites. Plants of this cannabis variety grow fast and stretch during flowering and a bit of training might be required, some prefer pruning or bending over and tying down (very effective), some go for tipping the tops – anything will do. When growing outside, Laughing Buddha can become as tall as 2-2.5 m. high, indoor samples remain their decent size of about 130 cm. Those weed lovers who prefer to grow Laughing Buddha outside start harvesting in mid October (Northern Hamisphers) with a naturally high yield of app. 450 gr. per plant.

Like any other sativa dominant marijuana strain, Laughing Buddha has a longer flowering period than her indica counterpartner, it takes 11 weeks for her to fully mature, some cannabis growers give her another week or two to get the best results. A very distinct, powerful sweet and spicy aroma appears at the beginning of flowering. Grown up plants display long fat colas, virtually dripping with resinous trichomes. Laughing Buddha marijuana is said to contain as much as 18% of THC and 0.4% of CBD what makes her high very energizing and happy giggling.

Barneys Farm Laughing Buddha


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