Tropicanna is a playful shorthand for “tropical cannabis”, bringing to mind the lavish, slutry luxury of tropical settings known as enviable vacation destinations and global sweet spots for cultivating kind bud. It was the lush tropical qualities of this variety that inspired its Tropicanna name.

This strain is the progeny of a Sensi Star F2 female and a Hawaiian Skunk daddy. As a hybrid, Tropicanna adopts its flowering time and growth pattern from its indica roots while possessing sativa qualities in taste, smell, and effects. This plant can be grown in either hydro or soil, although soil will bring out more of the mango-haze treats in its flavor. Tropicanna is a slow starter, but branches well and fares best as a screen of green or multi-branch plant. Sea of green methods can slso be grown in outdoor gardens beyond the tropics belt, where they will finish by the end of September in latitudes equivalent with southern Ontario, Canada. The leaves show a sativa influence, with many slender leaflets. As hey grow, there is a sloght internode stretch. Tropicanna is a natural mama who prefers lower nutrients: even better if they’re organic. By the end of flowering, she is typically doubled in size from what it was at forcing. Plants are best forced at 12-18 inches, resulting in average final plants that are 30-36 inches tall.

Tropicanna plants are aromatic as they vegetate, but the smell becomes lighter and less conspicuous during flowering. In the second half of the flower cycle, these plants go through a transformation, exploding with bud growth and resin production until even the leaf petioles are covered in glands. This plant should definitely be considered a serious contender for bubble hash processing.

Tropicanna buds at finish have an amazing and distinct tropical flavor, a mixture of fresh melon, citrusy lemon, and the flowery edge of haze 0 sorry, no orange juice in this Tropicanna treat. The high invokes a giddy and decadent sense of enjoyment. Tropicanna encourages a fun and exuberant mood that would fit right in to the ambiance of an island vacation.

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