Silver Blue Strain

An indica/sativa mix with just slightly more indica, Silver Blue is the “Big Bud” of the White weed varieties. This strain is olive green with some blue hues, soon shrouded in a silver sheen of resin. A medium-sized plant, Silver Blue grows broad shaped leaves, and the calyxes range in size from medium to large.

A strong sturdy grower, Silver Blue is a reliable plant that is easy to manage and maintain in all growing environments. Homegrown Fantaseeds recommends this tough gal for a successful novice experience. After smoking this fine grass, the experienced grower will also be happy to include Silver Blue in his or her garden. An especially good choice for those who favor hydroponics methods, this plant has a high bud-to-stem ratio that makes it a quick manicure at the end of the day.

The mixture of Silver Pearl and Blueberry genetics deliver a plant with a strong aromatic smell and a slightly tart, citrus-berry flavor. A smooth smoke, Silver Blue might put you to sleep if you overindulge.

Silver Blue Grow

Silver Blue Strain

Silver Blue Bud

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