Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold is a stable Hybrid. The Hindu Kush mother is a long-maintained pure strain from the mountains of Afghanistan. The Skunk #1 father is a Mexican/Colombian/pure Afghani cross. Both parents of this plant come from California to Holland in 1985 with a legendary cannabis enthusiast and breeder.

Pot of Gold matures into a medium to dark green plant with dense bud formations and only a few leaves that are between a sativa and indica shape. She will reach a medium height and form a thick canopy. Trimming the lower branches will concentrate the buds closer to the light, increasing total yield. With its strongly Afghan heritage, the buds and leaves are extremely resinous, crying out to be raw material for hashish. Flying Dutchmen advises gardeners to grow full organically on soil, the only method they use. Kepp the air flowing and the humidity down. Like all densely-flowered heavy producers, this exceptionally devious plant needs a watchful eye to keep mold attack at bay.

Pot of Gold will reward a gardener’s extra vigilance with a mesmerizing and intense high, a smell like the sweetest hashish, and a taste that is hashy with some fruit.

Honorable Mention, High Times Cannabis Cup 1998

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