Flo Strain

A member of DJ Short’s Delta 9 Blue Collection, Flo is an exciting plant. A sativa look-alike that matures early, Flo’s name may reflect this plant’s unique ability to produce a continual flow of buds through multiple harvesting.

Flo’s large, tight, spear-shaped buds are made up of small, densely-packed, purple-striped calyxes. Avery productive, fast maturing plant, Flo gets tall and likes to branch out. The first buds are ripe by the end of September at or near the 45 parallel North. About every 10 to 12 days after reaching initial maturity, new buds form and can be harvested through the end of November, or as long as the plant can remain alive in the given outdoor conditions. Indoors, buds mature by the end of the 6th week of 12/12 light and are still producing mature buds into the 7th week. If you harvest only once, the yield will be more modest. Due to the Flo’s multi-harvest potential, it is ideal for greenhouse production.

Flo Strain

Flo has an energetic, motivating buzz with unusual clarity. This is true wake and bake pot, great to start the day off right without losing sight of your intentions. The flavor has a floral quality similar to Nepalese Temple Hash, with a touch of the blueberry tones that remind you they are relatives. The smell echoes the taste, remaining subtle and light. Flo was rated #1 at the 1996 Cannabis Cup by Cannabis Culture magazine.

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