Dinafem Seeds Critical

Dinafem Seeds Critical

Dinafem Seeds Critical is a fantastic Indica plant which is an award winning strain that recieved the Highlife Glass of Barcelona .  Dinafem Seeds Critical + is a high yielder that packs a powerful yet fruity skunk scent with a delicious taste.  Indoor cultivators will need to take care and employ heavy ventilation due to the strong, skunky fragance it exudes while growing. Critical + is a high yield producer with a powerful, fruity skunk aroma, saddled with a delicious taste. Critical + cultivates indoors but beware it has a very strong, skunky fragrance while growing.

Critical + is a very potent smoke, mentally & physically, with a high yield and harvests in early October. Critical + has a flowering time pf 45-50 days. Critical + is a very potent smoke both mentally and physically.

Dinafen Seeds Critical


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