Cat Piss

0 July 17, 2017

Looks: Very huge and dense nuggets, almost like thick green rocks. It can be easily spotted in a garden, no matter the circumstances. There is major b...



0 May 31, 2016

Anesthesia was developed specifically to keep the Afghani Skunk alive. A classic among old-school strains, the original Afghani Skunk was passed along...


Arjan’s Haze #1

1 May 21, 2016

Green House Seed Company caters to the haze fan with several strains in this family. Arjan’s Haze #1 is a strong sativa with medium-size interno...


Blueberry Nice

0 April 19, 2016

The Blueberry x Nice hybrid has retained the poker straight structure of its mama, with minimal branching that makes sea of green gardening an easy me...


Durga Mata

0 April 18, 2016

Named for the powerful and revered Hindu Mother Goddess, Durga Mata represents the purity and strength of purpose residing within the divine essence o...



1 April 4, 2016

Automaria is the latest ruderalis hybrid strain from Paradise Seeds. This variety combines the desired autoflowering quality from cannabis ruderalis w...


Arjan’s Haze #3

0 May 30, 2012

rjan’s Haze #3 brings together a father from Laos with a combination of Neville’s Haze and Super Silver Haze. Green House Seed Company rec...



0 May 29, 2012

KC-36 is a mostly indica strain that is a great choice for outdoor growers in temperate regions. This strain was bred specifically to thrive at high l...


CH9 G Bolt

0 May 29, 2012

The CH9 G Bolt acquired its shorter zippier name from its mama, the G Bolt Motarebel, which is an indica / sativa mix hailing from the USA. The G Bolt...

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