Blueberry Nice

Blueberry Nice

The Blueberry x Nice hybrid has retained the poker straight structure of its mama, with minimal branching that makes sea of green gardening an easy method of choice. The sparing foliage is sativa-like, growing long, slender leaves and buds with abundant hairs. The frosty resin gives this plant a “sun dew” resemblance, with THC glands perched atop long stalks. Although usually a light to medium green, about 10 percent of the plantswill exibit some purple-blue coloration indicative of the Blueberry in the cross. This hybrid stays at a manageable height, usually ranging between 2-4 feet (60-120 cm).

Blueberry x Nice has an intense, sweet herbal aroma. The high is very potent and upbeat, making it great for conversation and long walks, or for inwinding after a long day. The yield is modest but quick – a satisfying addition to the indoor connoisseur’s garden.

Blueberry Nice

Most indoor methods are suitable for this plant, but irish Rose prefers the use of an organic medium fertilized with an organic tea. Optimal conditions are a daytime temperature between 76-78 degrees F and a nighttime temperature of 56-65 degrees F with and overall humidity at 50 percent. Try vegetating plants at 18 hours of light, then flowering on an 11 1/2 hour light cycle to finish in 7 weeks.

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