Hemp And Brain Health [Infographic]

Your Brain Likes Hemp

Research has shown that a diet with a proper balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids – such as in hemp seed oil – may help delay or reduce the neurological effect of some diseases and improve quality of life.

Hemp Seeds are a good source of Essential Fatty Acids
Because EFAs make up a large portion of the brain, hemp is especially beneficial for brain health, particularly memory function.

Hemp Seeds Helps Brain Disorders
Membrane loss of EFAs has been found in such disorders as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons’s diseases.

Hemp Seeds are an Alternative to Fish Oil
Fish oil supplements are a great source of EFAs, particularly Omega 3s which is why they have become so popular. However, for those who are vegetarian, they are not an option. There are also concerns that some sources of fish oils are contaminated with mercury and other toxins.

Hemp Seed Protein
Contains all the essential amino acids your body needs, in amounts that are closer to dairy and meat products than any other seed except soy.

 American Heart Association
Recommends replacing the saturated fats and trans-fats in your diet with Omega-6s and hearth healthy Omega-3s.

Hemp Seed Benefits the Brain
Hemp seeds contain Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, two essential nutrients for growth, development, heart function and brain function.

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