15 Shocking Weed Statistics

15 Shocking Weed Statistics

Everyone now knows that weed is doing a lot more than simply getting people high. Here is a list of 15 shocking weed statistics you will find very interesting.

1. It Takes 800 Joints To Kill You From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

2. Rates of Obesity are 1/3 Lower In Weed Consumers

3. Every Hemp Plant Grown Could Save 12 Trees

4. African-American people are 3.3 times more likely than white people to get arrested for weed.

5. Legalizing Weed in the US Would Earn 8.7 Billion in Tax Revenue

6. Marijuana is the Fastest Growing US Industry

7. Marijuana prohibition costs the US state and federal governments $17.5 billion each year.

8. 147 Million People in the World Use Marijuana

9. Today’s weed is 57-67% more potent than herb from the ’70s.

10. 80% of domestically grown ganga comes from California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, and Washington.

11. 9% of Marijuana Users Become Addicted

12. There are 111 different cannabinoids in Marijuana.

13. Couples that smoke weed together are less likely to experience domestic violence.

14. Moderate weed smokers may have higher IQs.

15. Today’s average bud contains about 15% THC.

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