White Smurf

White Smurf

The original “Smurfweed” is a hybrid made from the Northern Lights x Skunk #1 mother and a “Dutchified” pure sativa father. The sativa part of the cross gives the plant an appealing light green color and a fresh sweet odor during the vegetative phase. As the plant matures, the light green foliage darkens to jade. Sativa genes also gives her wide-fingered leaves and a white, resinous coat. It also helps shorten her flowering time, and increase yield. Overall it makes her an easy, forgiving plant to work with, an interesting choice for both pros and beginners.

White Smurf can be grown indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors depending on the climate. Indoors, White Smurf grows to medium height, with a solid bud and not too many side-branches. With a little pruning at the start of flowering, White Smurf is very suitable for the sea of green method. This plant develops beautiful solid, sticky, snow-dusted colas. Little towers of calyxes sprout on her buds when she flowers. As the buds become covered with crystals, the flowers themselves remain green and white with orange accents in their hairs, a trait marking the skunk side of the hybrid.

Reflecting her skunk and sativa heritage, White Smurf’s flavor has been described as “full and rich”, “musky but sweet”, and “powerful”, but it has also been described as “frsh” and “citrus-like”. Her stone is both relaxing and wakeful. After one joint, this strain gives a deep, warm body buzz that feels like walking through water, but doesn’t stupefy or lead to snores. White Smurf starts a smooth reggae rhytm pulsing through your body, a social, happy, positive vibe that makes a superb after-dinner smoke. Cannabis Cup attendees agreed – they showed their appreciation by awarding this strain with the People’s Choice as well as the overall Cup in 2000.

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