Swazi Skunk

Swazi Skunk is the real thing. Derived from seed stock originally from breeders in Swaziland, this plant has been exclusively inbred – never hybridized – and adapted for indoor use. In South Africa, the potent, seedless bud of this pure sativa began to be called “skunk” locally, which should not be confused with the indica / sativa skunk hybrids of Europe.

This plant has a stron odor like a fine cigar. The smoke is also earthy. it has a taste similar to Durban breeds, with a liquorice aftertaste. The high is energetic and very clear-headed, a good daytime smoke as this pot does not induce heavy or sleepy physical sensations.

Swazi Skunk

Swazi Skunk


Swazi Skunk shows its all-sativa heritage in its appearance, growth patterns, and high. This variety grows to a height between 4-6 feet indoors, and up to 14 feet outdoors depending on conditions and growing time. The branching is extensive with large, slim leaves, and compact, sticky buds covered in hair and visible resin glands. Grown outdoors to full size, this plant can yield colas the length of a typical adult’s forearm. Indoors, the best plants yield buds up to 8 inches long.


For best results outdoors, Swazi Skunk likes equatorial conditions: warm days (between 70-90 degrees F) and at least 5 months with no frost to grow to its full potential and produce its best yield. It can withstand shorter and cooler summer climates, but will not be able to grow as large and the yield will be diminished as a result. Indoors, a hydroponic system with an ebb and flow minimum is required for success.

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