New Push Could Legalize Marijuana in Florida

New Push Could Legalize Marijuana in Florida

Enough signatures on a petition could send the issue to the state ballot in 2016: A constitutional amendment to legalize small amounts of marijuana for recreational use.

in 2014, a proposed medical marijuana amendment lost by a vote of 57.6 percent to 42.4 percent. It needed 60 percent to win.

The Florida Cannabis Action Network (FL CAN) is behind the new push.

“It ends cannabis prohibition. It simply says that an otherwise responsible adult, over the age of 21, has the right under state law to possess, use and cultivate cannabis,” said Jodi James, executive director of Florida Cannabis Action Network.

This graph, provided by Florida CAN, indicates from 2000 to 2011, more than a million law enforcement hours were spent on policing efforts costing tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Money, the organization says, could be better spent, and that is resonating with voters.

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