Medical Marijuana Moves to Full Pennsylvania Senate

Medical Marijuana Moves to Full Pennsylvania Senate

On Tuesday (4/21/2015) medical marijuana legislation quickly passed a committee sending in swiftly on its way to the full senate.

“If I can do a good enough job of educating, I believe I have a shot,” said Sen. Mike Folmer, R-Lebanon County, after the State Government Committee voted 10-0 on an amended bill that would legalize cannabis for some medical treatments.

Tuesday’s amendment added HIV, AIDS and glaucoma to the list of illnesses eligible for treatment with marijuana and clarified the system through which other conditions may be added. Folmer said he hopes to add chronic pain to that list, as well as the ability for cannabis to be administered via vaporization.

Sen. Judy Schwank, D-Berks, said she would also like to see the agricultural end of the possible marijuana industry represented on the 11-person board that would oversee the program. Additionally, she said, some of the proceeds should go toward helping fund substance abuse treatment.

Folmer said the bill is still evolving and will likely see further amendments as it winds its way through the Legislature. More fees, however, would not be a welcome addition.

One step closer PA…one step closer.

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