March Giveaway Winners

Attention loyal Marijuana World News fans,

We want to thank each and every person who entered the March giveaway. Again, this will be the first of many giveaways and we GREATLY appreciate each and every persons support. You do not need to re-enter or do anything in order to win future giveaways simply continue to enjoy our content and like/comment/share whenever you like what you see.

We are happy to announce that EVERYONE who entered will be winning a free digital copy of our best selling marijuana cookbook “101 Marijuana Recipes”(we will email this to everyone on the list once the digital version is ready within the next week or two).

We are hoping to give away some bongs for our next giveaway but are still working out the details and will keep you posted.

We will personally email each of the  March winners, please respond within 72 hours. Once we get your address please allow several weeks for the item to be shipped and delivered. Depending on your location in the world it could take longer then some.

The winners are:

MacArthur Young
Jamie Modders
Vennesa Rivera
Martin Hernandez
Taylor Stark
Rachel Andren
Nivive Mazique
Michelle Carmean 
Ana Price 
Aaron Johnson

Again, we want to thank each and every person who has been in any way part of Marijuana World News and are looking forward to larger and better giveaways in the future as we continue to grow and gain resources.

Stay lifted,
Marijuana World News


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