Illadelph Signature Series Bong

Illadelph Signature Series Bong

A new product line for those that are looking for something more in their tube… more color, more sections, percs, more labels… faceted Ash Catchers… the Signature Series is what you’re looking for. The Signature Series is exemplified by the color to clear sectional tubing and the new label designs: the circle and band, the 3? crest and the signature on the back of the tube and the slide. Colored Coils, Double Coils, hand pipes and our new Perc tubes and Heavy Hitters all fall into this category… The currently available colors are as follows: Blue, Red, Rasta, Black. Pictures of all the currently available colors and styles are shown below.

Illadelph Signature Series

Ever use an Illadelph signature series? If you havn’t you’re missing out! If you have tell us about it in a comment below!

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