With Chocolope, DNA Genetics continues their project of creating tasty short-flowering sativas and reviving the classic features of old school Thai stick. The strain’s father, Cannalope, is a sativa line backcrossed for fast finishing. DNA refined this feature still further, then crossed a Cannalope male with an Original Chocolate Thai female. Tasting is believing: the result retains the special flavors and effects of the OG Chocolate Thai, and lives up to the nickname Chocolope in flavor as well as genetics. It brings back a chocolate edge that was more common among good weed of the 1980s, mixed with the fruity sweetness of the Cannalope.

Chocolope is a branchy near-pure sativa that will take over your garden if you let her. This plant needs some space to spread out her long branches. Hydro, coco beds, NFT, it’s all good: the Chocolope likes all mediums, although she remains untested outdoors.

DNA vegetates the Chocolope for 3-4 weeks and then forces flowering, preferring to raise fewer plants to larger sizes. Chocolope is a happy eater and can be pushed when it comes to nutrients, although DNA recommends sticking to the organics for the best quality. Using this combination of fewer but bigger plants and organic nutrients, DNA reports an average yield of 100 grams per plant. If you want to avoid a 3-4 week vegetative period and plant 20-25 plants per square meter in a more sea of green style, yields can reach 400-600 grams per square meter. On the whole, Chocolope is much easier to grow than her Chocolate Thai ancestors. “Give her love”, says DNA, “and she will yield for you.”

Chocolope still delivers traits many growers sought from the classic Thai strains – choco-smokey flavor and a dreamy high with a strong mental shift. If you are trying to alleviate anxiety, nervousness, or lack of appetite, the Chocolope id your strain. However, smokers who are sensitive to paranoia or psychedelic effects might approach this variety with caution. Even experienced smokers sometimes report unusually comic situations due to the “high school” like stone of the Chocolope. Some consider this advice a recommendation: the chocolatey 1980s high is a euphoric and trippy blast from the not-so-distant past that can spice up any weekend.

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