Barneys Farm Top Dawg

Barneys Farm Top Dawg are a stable hybrid of a Mexican sativa and an Afghan indica. She is a vigorously growing cannabis variety which has a powerful fruity aroma with a reminiscent of pineapples. The Afghan component gives this indica marijuana a strong stone, with more cerebral noted provided by the Mexican genetics.

Top Dawg cannabis seeds are very easy to vegetate and manage. They always show a very good rate of germination and produce healthy seedlings which can be put under 12/12 straight away. Ideal for SOG and ScrOG growing methods. This cannabis variety feels well when growing outside and can reach an enormous 2 m high. Indoor plants have the height of just 70-80 cm and are perfect for small marijuana gardens or height/space restricted places. Wherever you decide to grow Top Dawg, she will show typical sativa characteristics, such as a straight elegant structure with good branching and loads of bud sites; buds are large and dense and may require little manicuring. Flowering period is sativa typical, 60-70 days during which buds get filled up and fully mature. Top Dawg is very pungent, especially during maturing; you may need a top filtration system. However, she will not smoke you out of your home. Her distinct pineapple fragrance is very pleasant and refreshing and remains during smoking. THC content is quite high, 16+% with a clear headed, energetic high which can wake up the creative part of your soul.

This cannabis variety is considered to be a great yielder; she can produce as much as 400 gr. per m2 when grown indoors. You can double it if Top Dawg is cultivated outside under optimal weather conditions. The marijuana has a long shelf life and will satisfy you for months and months

Barneys Farm Top Dawg


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