America’s First All-Inclusive Marijuana Resort

America’s First All-Inclusive Marijuana Resort

Calling all marijuana lovers: beginning on July 1, you can now book an all-inclusive vacation at a pot ranch in Colorado. Billed as the “nation’s first cannabis-friendly ranch resort,” Durango’s 170-acre CannaCamp is located in a setting that won’t surprise those familiar with the dude ranch concept. Guests pay between $395-449/night per person to sleep in rustic cabins, enjoy three meals on site every day, and indulge in outdoor adventures like mountain biking and hiking in San Juan Mountains. But how many mountain retreats include a “Wake+Bake Breakfast,” 4:20 Community Hour, and “Cooking with Cannabis” classes?

Backed by the hospitality company Bud+Breakfast, who also manage two cannabis-friendly B&Bs in Denver and Silverthorne, CannaCamp differs from other “pot-friendly” accommodations by combining the traditional ranch vacation experience with cannabis culture.

Based on the extensive CannaCamp website, a week-long stay at this mountain retreat is like the middle school summer camp you only dreamed of. Forget hiding your stash from camp counselors and toking up behind the wood shop, at CannaCamp you can proudly display your love for all things pot and still enjoy the great outdoors. The only downside? Per Colorado law, the ranch can’t distribute pot, so guests must bring their own and for safety reasons you can’t smoke inside the cabins. But don’t worry too much; guests that fly into Durango can utilize a cannabis-friendly airport shuttle service that is happy to stop at dispensaries on the way to CannaCamp. We bet your parents never did that.

Source: CannaCamp

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