8 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Weed Is High Quality

8 Easy Ways To Tell If Your Weed Is High Quality

Knowing the difference between dank and bunk weed is obviously very important. Bad quality weed can actually do you harm, as it might contain pesticides or mold.

1. Look for Trichomes – The biggest giveaway to how high your weed will get you is the amount of crystals/trichomes it has. The more crystals you can see, the higher the THC content.

2. Color of the weed – Good quality weed should be green, with some flecks of orange, and sometimes some purple. Brown weed is bad weed. It could contain mold, pesticides, and chemical so don’t smoke it.

3. Orange hairs – A lot of orange hairs means your plant was well pollinated and is a matured plant. If you see these hairs then you know you’re in the company of some good weed.

4. Stickiness – Weed should be a good mix of not too wet, and not too dry. It should be a bit sticky, though, as if weed is too dry it will burn too fast. Make sure you store your weed properly to prevent it from drying out.

5. Seeds and stems – There should be the bare minimum sticks to hold bud together, no more. And definitely no seeds as they’re associated with bad weed. You want fresh and thick buds.

6. The Trim – While this doesn’t affect smoke, you don’t want to see too many extra leaves.

7. Smell Test – You know the distinct smell of cannabis should have a fresh spunkiness. You can smell really dank bud through the bag. Bunk weed smells like hay so avoid it at all cost!

8. Taste – Good weed tastes fresh. If it tastes off, it’s bad weed and you shouldn’t smoke it.

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