5 Reasons Ladies Love Weed

5 Reasons Ladies Love Weed

Believe it or not at one point it was very uncommon for women to consume cannabis. Here is a short list of 5 reasons why ladies love weed and are consuming it now more than ever.

1. Cannabis conquers PMS – Ladies, you all know the struggle of PMS. Well, thankfully cannabis can relieve it. From the killer headaches to the painful cramps, marijuana has our back. Shoutout to Whoopi Goldberg for saving us all!

2. Improves your love life – Not only does weed help you bond with friends, but also with your lover. Sharing some herb with your significant other can bring the two of your closer together by creating a mutual interest.

3. Gives you energy – Regardless of what you’ve heard, weed doesn’t make you lazy. In fact, many strains give you energy. From Super Silver Haze to Jack Herer, cannabis can keep you moving.

4. Provides a different perspective – Women are textbook over-thinkers. Throw a bong-hit in the mix and before you know it them negative thoughts are totally gone.

5. Creates tighter bonds – Smoking weed with your girlfriends gives you all something to bond over. Likewise, it creates lots of laughs and interesting conversation. Not to mention, it’s always fun to pig out together when the munchies strike, right?

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