2015 Denver Cannabis Cup Winners (with pics)

2015 Denver Cannabis Cup Winners (with pics)

Another cannabis cup is officially in the books. The competition was very stiff and tons of good marijuana product flowed abundantly. Below is a list and a picture of the winning product, enjoy!

Best Colorado Sativa Flower – 1st Place – Ghost Train Haze – Greenman Cannabis

Best US Sativa Flower – Ghost Train Haze #13 – Greenway Las Vegas

Best Colorado Indica Flower – Louie XIII – Greenman Cannabis

Best US Indica Flower – Granddaddy Purps – Herbal Healing

Best Colorado Hybrid Flower – Kong – Allgreens

Best US Hybrid Flower – T.S.T. Cookies – Greenwolf and Top Shelf Terps

Best CBD Flower – Tora Bora – MMJ America

Best Non-Solvent Hash – Cookies and Cream Cubantech Drysift – Exotic Genetix

Best Sativa Concentrate –  Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin – Crocket Family Farms by Dabblicious Extracts

Best Indica Concentrate – Crown OG Sugar – Greenwolf LA/Nature’s Lab Extracts/Crown OG

Best Hybrid Concentrate – B Mega Wellness OG – Nameless Genetics with The Weed of Studio City

Source: Denver High Times Cannabis Cup

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